Features of Our Musical Arrangements.

When arranging music from Circus productions, care must be taken to remain authentic to the composer’s intent.  Circus music repertoire includes not just the marches that most people first recognize as associated with circus productions, but waltzes, galops, show tunes, serenades, polkas, ethnic dances from all over the world, motion picture themes, fanfares, ragtime, cakewalks, jazz, fox trots, Latin-American dance music, and the characteristic “trombone smear.”

Many of the compositions in this collection date back from the late 1800s through today’s performances. Some of the music is so old that its revival makes it new to new musicians and students of music.  Over time, instrumentation evolved to a standard established by today, School, Community, Military and Professional organizations. Our goal at the Center Ring Circus Band is to recompose historical compositions for the instrumentation of the modern concert band, without sacrificing the quality of the original composition and arrangement.  An example is to create “C” piccolo parts from the “D flat” Piccolo parts that were dominant in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In this example our arrangements feature the “C” Piccolo parts standard in in the instrumentation with the “D flat” piccolo parts available as an option for those preferring to play that instrument.  The same conversion was made from “E flat” Alto Horn parts to today’s “F” Double French Horn, again with optional “E flat” Alto Horn parts available as an option.

The standard instrumentation included in an arrangement’s  purchase or rental is as follows:

One Conductor’s Full Score on 11×17” paper in the “picture” format.

1 – C Piccolo                                                     2 – Bb Cornet 1

3 – C Flute                                                         2 – Bb Cornet 2

1 – Oboe                                                           2 – Bb Cornet 3

2 – Bb Clarinet 1                                              2 – Bb Cornet 4

2 – Bb Clarinet 2                                              1 – F Horn 1

2 – Bb Clarinet 3                                              1 – F Horn 2

1 – Eb Alto Clarinet                                         1 – F Horn 3

1 – Bb Bass Clarinet                                        1 – F Horn 4

1 – Eb Alto Saxophone 1                                1 – Trombone 1

1 – Eb Alto Saxophone 2                                1 – Trombone 2

1 – Bb Tenor Saxophone                                1 – Bass Trombone 3

1 – Eb Baritone Saxophone                           1 – Baritone Horn (TC)

1 – Snare Drum (or drum set)                        1 – Euphonium (BC)

1 – Bass Drum (or drum set)                          1 – Tuba

1 – Cymbals (or drum set)                             1 – Bells/xylophone/accessories

Other available optional parts available for extra purchase include: Db Piccolo, Eb Soprano Clarinet, Eb Alto Horns 1-4, Trombones 1-2 (TC) or Tenor Horns (TC). Other parts are available by request.

All Arrangements may be ordered by hard copy with 2 pages 8.5:x11” on folded 11×17” paper.

Custom paper is also available in the 11x 17 format

When purchasing several arrangements, we can bind the parts and conductor scores in a book format with plastic binding. 

On request, we can order custom papers, although we need plenty of advanced notice to order the paper stock and print the parts.

Another option is to request that the score and parts be delivered by email attachment in the PDF format.  But because of the large quantity of parts and PDF pages, many times we need to deliver woodwind, brass, and percussion parts emailed separately as well as conductor scores (in 11×17’ format).  PDF parts can then be taken to your favorite printer for printing parts, and scores can be reformatted to 8.5×11’ paper or printed on 11×17” paper. The electronic media age is upon us.

Because of copyright restrictions, many of the rental items are only available in publisher’s original hard copy format, shipped by postal service or United Parcel Service.

All music has been checked for errors, but occasionally and rarely we do make mistakes or “typos”. After all, there are a lot of notes we write. If any customer finds a mistake in the music we encourage that the error is noted (or circled) and faxed or emailed back to us so a corrected copy can be returned at no additional charge.

We hope that this gives you a better understanding of the nature of what we offer in arranging services.  We are proud of the collection as this represents a living part of history of the American Circus.  New arrangements are added to the collection periodically, so check back to discover our most recent additions.

We are pleased to answer questions with those interested in our work.  Pease feel free to contact us at:


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