About Us

The task I chose as a challenge was to create a multimedia performance combining a live band concert accompanying a collection of videos that comes as close to an actual circus as I could make it. As I began the project 15 years ago, I began collecting the famous compositions from the wide variety of music that was performed during the turn-of-the-century to the present.  As I collected the music it became apparent that many compositions and arrangements had wrong notes, unusual repeats and endings, cuts, poor manuscript, etc.  So the first task was to rearrange the music into an accurate, readable form, by correcting all the imperfections and then rescoring for a modern concert band.  I took a lesson from the late, great Karl King and simplified the scores so as not to lose the intent of the composer and or/arranger in the process.  The computer program I used to accomplish all of this is “Sibelius.”  It’s an easier program that allows me to get the job done rapidly and accurately with printouts of large notes that are favorable to tired eyes. I can also hear the playback with samples of actual wind instruments so I could spot the wrong notes and fix them in the process.  I currently have about 350 restored compositions in my library that I collected from a variety of friends who gratefully offered to send me the old arrangements and/or scores for me to work with.
Because times and instrumentation have evolved over the years, I changed the E Flat horn parts to F horn parts, added Alto and Bass Clarinet part,s and restructured the voicing of the saxophone section. It was once said that many of the circus bands did not use saxophones.  So all the new arrangements needed to sound authentic yet played with traditional piccolo and clarinets in the woodwind section, and cornets, horns, trombones, euphonium, tuba in the brass section and parts for four percussionists (snare, bass drum, cymbals and mallets). The goal was always to sound “authentic” to the composers’ original intentions. Now, Windjammers know how important this is as they are familiar with the original instrumental parts.

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